Online libraries play a significant role in storing and distributing the knowledge in the students and communities. They not only manage the tangible knowledge in the form of books, documents, maps and photographs but also facilitate the other people to bring them together to perform the educational activities.

In the last 50 years, academic libraries have adopted the online technology to store their knowledge base in the form of the online resources so that the instant access of the online material can become possible. Online Libraries play a significant role in inviting the hybrid and blended learning.

The bigger problem of digitalization of the virtual libraries is that the scholars will have to found that where the real knowledge exist. The digitalization of the libraries invites to the access the knowledge in form of real information and the ownership gets removed.
The importance of online libraries is to embed into the working culture of the educational institutes and working with the faculties and students as a partner. Making this partnership between the faculty members and online libraries is a strategic endeavour in itself.

An online library can be considered as a warehouse of online books, manuals and documents which promises to the students to guide them about proper instructions about a particular subject. Indeed libraries bring values and perspectives of the subject to the students and faculty members as well.
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