Library management reports -
• Books listing category/subcategory/author/publisher/ wise
• New Purchase books details date wise
• Books barcode automatic generation according to accession no.
• Bar code of a Library items taken on charge between a Date ranges date wise
• Issues / Return transaction details dates wise
• Due books details date wise
• Lost Books Details
• Library books can be request from user’s login.
• Fine received details date wise
• Lost books details which were lost in a given period of time
• Repair books details t books sent for repair with in a date parameter
• Purchase order indents details depending upon the date parameter
• Purchase indents with in a date range
• Request details request for Books or other Library Items within a Date ranges by Student, Teacher, Officers or by the Other Members
• Good receiver note (GRN)this report enables the Library Manager to view GRN issued by him within a Date ranges
• AACR2 dynamic labels of all the books under the specific Category
• Missing issues this report enables the Library Manager to access the Month wise Loss / Found status of Library Magazines
• Advanced search options so that we can search using the options category, sub category, ISBN, book no. etc
• Daily attendance report for the magazines and the news paper
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