Academic libraries are an effective medium to the sharing of knowledge and information to the bigger part of society. In the 21st century, when everything has become networking and technology oriented, academic and public libraries have continued their mission in transferring knowledge to the larger part of society.

Academic practitioners and subject matter specialists play a significant role in enhancing the knowledge and information to the larger part of knowledge society and improve the working of the organization activities and overall work culture.

Online and offline libraries are always related to the sharing of the tacit information and knowledge to this knowledge society. It also includes people, society, tools, technology and online resources on the single platform so that the collaboration can be enriched.

In Indian academic and online scenario, since in the last 50 years, academic libraries have played the role in sharing the knowledge in many ways by adopting the automation like -

providing the complete full text scenario from the internet research databases
providing the content with full public access
providing the traditional online content to the remote and distant areas

There are the two big challenges in front of the online library system - first is to provide the complete relevant information to the students and professionals in the universe of information and the information access should be public and instant in case of online libraries while considering the distant learning programs.

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