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What makes a unique online exam software ?
When a question paper is prepared, there are many situations for preparing it like -
should be prepared within a prescribed format.
should be free of grammatical and punctuation errors.
should be proofread properly before executing.
deciding an examination venue.
conducting tests etc etc !
This sounds like a great amount of work and it also creates a great deal of logistics consumption, time and cost. But with the coming of the new online exam software, these problems are being solved gradually. With the coming of automation & technology, the whole traditional way of conducting exams have been changed.
But before going to the end of the story, first question arises that which online exam software should be chosen for conducting an examination ? What are the parameters which should be chosen while considering proper online examination system software? Let’s discuss -
An online exam software should be cloud basis and there should be no installing or downloading needs on a computer.
A software should be device compatible, so that it should be working properly on any computer desktop / PC with an internet connection.
There should be an online software help file which can direct to teachers and trainers about the working of the software and how to properly use it.
There should be MCQs, SCQs and essay type questions available within the question bank of the software so that accessor can check them online and can also upload his own questions at any time.
In today companies, adopting for the online test software, the candidate personality assessment is also prescribed with the other aspects.
The robust server, on which the application is installed, should have storing capacity and it should have the proper scalability and high response time.
There should be proper customer backend support to solve the problems of the application handlers, so that they can update the examination software.  
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