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In a classroom, many students are there with different mindsets. In a class of half or one hour, a teacher has to deliver his lecture to all kind of students like - quickly adaptive, average and struggling as well. To deliver the lecture in an interactive way which is understable for all in a similar way is just equal to impossible. Online learning methodology is one important aspect in this series.

In the online learning methodology, by adopting face driver approach students are faced with the many challenges. The performance above the grade level students can be phenomenally increased and it prevents boredom towards learning. At the medium level and below the grade level students are provided lessons with which they can improve their understanding pertaining their subject.

In another approach of elementary approach, the students of a class are divided among the separate students. The brilliant students are provided the latest additional material with the reading material to know more and the medium level students are provided with the online material with the help of their assigned teachers.

Beyond the scope of the traditional classroom sitting, which is not successful today in providing the level of education of students. The teachers are today expected to teach students as the lecturer providers but as the facilitators. Students can feel very comfortable with the teacher and the interest of learning can be enhanced.

Today the craze of the blend model is also at its peak. In this type of learning model the learning process is very traditional but for a student who wishes to participate in the additional course to specialise in a special content field, they can also take the additional courses. This blend approach is also very successful in today’s traditional academics.   
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