E-Learning can be provided to a person in two levels. One at the academic level in form of education and another at the professional level in the form of training. E-Learning is a new dimension of the education in which the overall motive is to transfer the knowledge and upgrade the individual to attain their desired goal.

Therefore in India, online learning has been successful in the Indian market and many formal and informal efforts have been made to improve the quality of education and learning so that it can attain the belief of people in the academics in which people are losing their trust, because it is not employable.

Today is the era of internet and by the efforts of the PM Narendra Modi digital initiatives, it is claimed that more than 1,50,000 villages has been connected to internet via optical fibre in India since 2015 to 2019. This indicates that online education is not going to limited in metro cities but also approaching for the rural areas as well.

India is a leading country in the fields of Information Technology. Today where IT sector in India is contributing approximately 7% in the total GDP, so we can expect, that with the corrective actions and measures, India can become the leading online learning and education provider as well.

In the future, India will have the need of such kind of subject specialists and philanthropists which are capable to prepare the online course material & tutorials in many languages and can become helpful to the students and learners in every way possible. Overall the future of E-Learning in India is bright.  

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