Packgo is the part of the seven divisions which deals in packaging and recycling processes. It was started in 1948 and today it is one of the most world’s largest packaging dealer company. It has the total annual turnover of 10 billion AUD. It employs more than 9000 employees and it is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.
Why ERP was implemented in the packgo company ?
In 1998, Packgo company decided to implement the integration between the finance and reporting data across all the sub departments within the single system. Because of using the different legacy systems, it was not possible to correctly integrate all the data and proper reporting data was also not proper.
How ERP software was implemented in the packgo company ?
When ERP was to be implemented in the packgo erp software, its implementation was distributed under the two external vendors - one was SAP and technical implementation vendor was PWC. The SAP R/3 software was selected as the appropriate software.
PackCo’s ERP project commenced in 1998 after a series of vendor evaluation studies. The senior management decided that the project would involve two external vendors. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) was selected to be the technical implementation vendor and SAP was to be the software vendor. The SAP-based ERP platform to be purchased was SAP R/3.    
There were two modules were selected,  which were finance modules and material management. Later on they decided to implement the further modules related to sales, distribution, CRM and project management.     
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