An ideal portfolio management system is very helpful for teachers in making different databases - question banks, student profiles & learning portfolios etc. A question bank is the set of different questions on a peculiar topic to solve a peculiar topic.

In an ideal portfolio management system, many accounts of students are maintained and updated. Only those students can browse and answer those questions which are authorized by the teacher. A teacher is provided full rights for managing web based learning activities.

An ideal portfolio management software can upload the information records properly related to all the students. It gives different types of information -

answer of every questions
visited web pages
browsing time of visitor
number of questions
and many more.

Effective learning portfolio has been into effect since the last decade. It provides a way to the teachers and students to judge their learning on every possible parameter. It is a way to reveal the state of the learning and teaching sessions. It has become much necessary and complexed to make such an effective learning management system.      

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