In terms of professional development, Knowledge management is not taken just to fulfill the routine activities. Knowledge Management is very necessary for developing a profession itself. In online distance learning, there are two practices which were implemented for making better to the education, which are -

reflective practitioner
community of practice

Reflective Practitioner is a new concept in online learning in which dynamic thinking is adopted associated with the education. It naturally supports the new experiences, innovations and automation. At the same time, this activity should not be based upon the individual endeavour but it is needed to bring into the community environment.

To innovate these practices, there are two things needed to be performed -

to innovate a forum in which members can participate to share their learning experiences.

grouping all the members of the forum to give their feedback to the other
members of forum.

To bring these actions to its success, this is necessary to involve the appropriate faculty members. The faculty is required for various aspects of online learning and valid curriculum development. Regular motivation and enhancement is necessary to involve the faculty members and face to face meetings can also be conducted to take suggestive measures into the actions.     

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