A task is a set of activities, which becomes the part of a project. Every task is divided into specific time interval from its beginning to end date. Task management and activity allocation is divided is the most crucial part of any given project.

The overall success level of any project depends upon the employees ability to perform the tasks with speed and efficiency. The losing of
control over project reporting software indicates towards the inflexible management and delay in operations.

Generally project reporting and management is closely associated with task management. Task management is associated with the more granular level. By performing the given set of activities in a task, a project can be successfully completed. The project reporting is connected with the more broader level, because it is connected with the cost, time, finance, inventory and much more.  

Limitations of project reporting software -

The foremost and first problem is related to the complexity of supervising ongoing operations. Companies should involve the resource portfolio management (RPM) module. It includes the assigning of tasks to the employees so that the supervision can become easy.

The further problem related to project reporting software is changing roles of the employees. Generally these records are not maintained in the project reporting software. So managers and supervisors can’t get aware about the project changes.

One of the problem associated with the project reporting software is the cost. Sometimes to get the high degree of ROI, a company has to implement multiple software programs and it becomes very costly.

Project management and reporting software are generally not useful in the simple projects so it can become very costly.  

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