The making of a project is just like establishing an organization. There are many activities to prepare a project guideline -

design and execute the project infrastructure.
establish alignment between the stakeholders and project management team.
conduct meetings to associate the various parties of the project together.

After the launching of the project, the team of developers defines the scope of work and develops the budget and schedule of the project. There are

following activities performed for defining the scope -
making plans for tracking the schedule and procurement plan.
planning for estimation of tracking costs during the project start-up.
planning for the IT infrastructure & tracking the client satisfaction.

After defining the scope of the project, it is essential to define the processes and work policies to complete the project. Flowcharts, gantt charts and other visual representations tools are used to define and explain the flow of the activities.

This is the most crucial, important and exciting phase of project launching. There are thousands of hours used to maintain the initial plan, staffing and building relationships. Project manager sets the expected time limit and schedule of project team members.
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