Getting, collecting, structuring, organizing and incorporating the necessary information and decision making on the base of that information is considered as the sole responsibility of the individuals.

In the early stage, information collection was considered as the most difficult task because of the different tasks involved like -

collecting the information from the ocean of information like internet and libraries.
collecting that information in to the document format
distributing that information to appropriate parties

This is the problem of that era, where information was very limited in quality and to manage it was enough by the individual manual efforts. But now dude, this is 21st century, the retrieval of proper information is getting easy day by day so information abundance is getting very necessary.

This era can also be compared with the “room service” model, where information retrieval is as easy as just to order the pizza at a restaurant. At the blink of eye, information bloat is just present in front of your eyes and the user is gifted with the proper data with in the required format and that data is completely contextual to the fixing of problem.

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