Today is the era of the information overloading. But to adjust with the pieces of information to make a final piece of product is an important aspect. Before this era of the information overloading, data filtering was limited to the sorting the information and fill out the missing parts. But now, the scenario is different.

Today the scenario id information overloading has worsened. So to mitigate the digital technologies is very necessary for to mitigate the right information at the right time. There are many different methods to mitigate the information technology & alternative mediums to assist in automation of information retrieval.

Dealing with the load of information, it is necessary to adopt the appropriate methods and techniques like the room service model to mitigate the terms of information gathering. First of the important technique, the search engine can help in mitigating the information. Generally people like to use larger search engine services like - google and bing to find the correct information.

As per the example - in the google search engine, when a user write some words as their key query then Google search engine finds the desired pages on the base of their search algorithms.

Today many search engines have the complete capacity of handling and removing the broken pages and duplicate websites from their index.
many type of information is pulled back to the user for the fast information retrieval. Many websites provide the RSS feed (real site syndication) services for their websites & blogs which can easily transfer the right information to the user. This type of arrangements are useful for searchers not to perform the same searchers for the right information.     

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