The scaling of project scaling is related to putting up the efforts of the people, processes and programs to foster the efficiency of a project. Scaling does not refer to a large group of people or an individual only. In project scaling, two approaches are also considered very important - expansion and replication.
Expansion is generally connected with the expansion of organizational structure and services area like -
geographical and population enhancement. Replication is related to the implementation of the innovative practices which can improve the overall productivity of project management.

Scaling is not only limited to enhancement but also to the reduction. An intervention, which is related to the large quantity of change on a big area, should be reduced to an amount which can justify the change to the organization.

The debate on the implementation and diffusion of innovation and automation is the topic of decades especially in the low and middle income level countries. There are thousands of publications published in these countries on innovation.

Scaling project management is also related to the project innovative practices that have been effectively successfully implemented into the other organizations. New and old practices and theories also help in understanding the complexity of scaling of project management.
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