Now today’s era is not all about the chalk, blackboard, pen and pencil but in this whole twenty first century,  when technology is at the center of the everything, education and exams are also not getting deprived from these technological advancements. Today the online examinations are replacing the era of pen and paper written exams where speculations may take the month period of time.

However, technology is becoming less expensive and more affordable, it is changing the ways of education and examination. The speculations are that those days are not so far from today when the results will be conducted within a week after conducting an examination regarding any class.

The effect of technology is not limited to the examinations but also to the books. From the ancient time, books have been considered as a source of knowledge. But today apps and smartphone applications are changing the way of reading and the way of practising the things by the students and teachers.

The change of technology can also be seen in the practical labs. The era of technology has tremendously changed the way specially for the students who practice for the technical courses and professions in their future. Today, the emergence of the digital era is introducing the self learning and DIY (Do-it-yourself) approach.

The need of today fastly changing advancing era, the need is to enhance the learning into students via  practical approach. In the modern approach, the modern ebooks are capable to fulfill this ambition. But it is needed to increase motivation in the students to read the ebooks additional material with their prescribed textbooks to enhance their subject knowledge.  

Conclusion -        

Twenty first century is the age of progress. Tomorrow’s success of children is completely dependant on the development of the students physically and mentally. To get this achievement, academic advancement is the first need of the education segment of the country.
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