online examination system - smartoas by lucid outsourcing

Now that era has gone where education was given by the weighty books in open learning universities. Now online learning is completely changing the way of teaching. Today many universities are there, who are using the online learning methodology to make education more interactive and useful.
Today new social networking technologies are convenient enough to provide the sufficient online content, which is available for all the students anytime, anywhere. In this situation, one thing becomes a significant challenge that there is no technical support available to students for guiding them. In this scenario, much efforts are needed to be performed.
Today education is necessary to give in such a way, which can lead for the students to the employment. For this the proper professionals and practitioners are needed to be adjoint to the education industry to connect the students to proper industry trends.
For planning of the online courses, there are following steps which we can pick up like -
decide how institute can pick up the online learning and technology
set up technical support for helping staff and students on online learning
deciding the balance factor between the project cost and technical assistance
deciding the curriculum design and development in such a way, it cannot strike with institutional policies.

Today cloud computing has also provided the support in every way possible like - storage capacity, network servers, database applications etc which provides institutes and learners such a capacity to access the online material from anywhere anytime at 24 X 7 X 365.     
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