Technology aspects like - artificial intelligence and virtual reality has given the incredible gift to online learning, even in a very low period of time. With a blink of eye, VR and AI has given deep learning and educational environment to the students where they have no need to get bored with the presentations, bullet points and boring paragraphs.
Computer philanthropists estimate that artificial intelligence and augmented reality market will cross the margin of worth 200 billion dollars by 2020. To innovate the learning in the organizations and businesses companies have the need to introduce the headsets and 3D modeling software for the learners.
Artificial Intelligence is related to the intelligence produced by machines and it can solve many problems of learners on the learning areas in which they are lagging. The whole experience is different in compared to the classroom learning and traditional online presentation related courses. At company level, the experienced coders are required to develop the proper learning engine and course according to the learners.
The another aspect of the AI which is evolutionalizing in the online learning, is machine learning. Yes, machine learning is the new aspect, in which a computer develops learning environment without the help of inbuilt programs and algorithms. In it, a computer course is being prepared while considering the past performance appraisal data analysis of the employee.
The scripts prepared for the machine learning environment are different from the traditional programming algorithms. Thus the prepared course material and content is prepared in such a way by which an online learner gets everything to know by which they can fulfill their knowledge gaps which will be helpful in getting the desired job goals.   

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