The online learning models are the presentation of Virtual University which is the enormous university in providing the distance learning to the students. The overall philosophy of the Virtual University is to transfer the learning from professor to the students as the heart of it. In order to so, many new type of online learning models are provided to the students -

Student Centric Model -  

In this model, the center of this model are the students themselves. Students have to take the responsibility of their learning on their own. Professors have the sole responsibility to organize, restructure the learning process. Students also have to create the content by interacting with their peers and professors.

Self Directed Learning -

In this model, a student has to take an initiative to pace up learning with other learning activities. It is helpful in creating independent learning environment in students and develop attitude, knowledge and skills in the students to perform better in every arena of life.

Collaborative Learning -

It is a type of socialization learning, in which students have to coordinate with the fellow students and professors. It is useful in different kind of geographical regions and distance learning. This type of learning involves problem solving, analytical abilities, idea exchange, practical case solving abilities for students.   
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