Furniture plays a very important role in operating many human based activities in a house for many purposes like - seating, reading, watching, eating etc but it also plays an important role in maintaining a decorum of your house.
Today wooden furniture industry is on its extreme growth side. Since after the industrial revolution, the other furniture segment products made of steel, glass, aluminium and plastic products are in the fashion and trending but still the wooden furniture made of timber has a stable and important role in manufacturing viable furniture for your home.
The wooden industry has its own industry and market share and also have a very major role in export market. The furniture market is expected to reach at the worth of 30 billion dollars by the end of 2019 in which the wooden furniture market will be worth of more than 800 million dollars. The total contribution of the wooden furniture market is considered to be 0.5% in the total GDP.
The western and southern part of India is still considered the most contributory to the wooden furniture market. Rajasthan, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the renowned states in manufacturing the wooden furniture.
The wooden furniture is expected to be liked from the following reasons like -
Low maintenance
High resistance towards the climate
Multiple uses
Long Durability
A decorative accessory
Easily decorable and shape modifiable
The wooden furniture market is expected to have significant growth in the following next 5 years. Italy, USA, China, Spain, Korea, Japan, Indonesia are the major shipment locations for the Indian Furniture.

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