The Indian Handicrafts are always being appreciated by the well developed countries. The handicraft industry has been employable to more than 3 billion artisans. There are still the possibilities of growth in this sector. Approximately people are associated to rural areas to this sector.    
India is covered with 20% area of forest and it shows the wide variety of natural resources to the making and manufacturing of the wooden handicraft products. Mostly the northern, central and western part of India is still counted as the most green areas of the country. There are the facilities of permits and licenses which are issued from the Government and forest departments.
In most of the Indian parts, there is a shortage of the timber wood due to deforestation. There is approximately a new trend, where today more than 30% artisans use the pre-claimed wood and sometimes the wood to be used for making railway tracks is also used to handicrafts.
There are many local depots, agents and contractors which are engaged in selling the woods at the most high rates or by taking the advanced payments. So sometimes artisans purchase wood at the cheapest rates from the local vendors and depots.
There are many handicraft items available which are famous in making the handicraft items like - toys, Almirah, Bed Cabinets, Bon Fitted, book Rack, Candle Lamps, Chairs & Benches, Chest Of Drawers etc.   
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