Xero linear lighting is the core manufacturing agency of the Australia, in which it designs, distributes and manufacture the linear lighting devices. The company is not only operating in Australia but also in New Zealand, USA, Canada. The company has more than 300 years of experience and more than 100 employees are working in its worldwide branches.
Why the erp software was launched in the Xero linear lighting ?
There were following problems in the scenario of the xero linear outsourcing -
very tight implementation schedule
multi currency and multi country configuration
complex order sequencing problems from CAD designing to implementation
easily accessible user interface was required
management reporting was required to perform
How ERP was implemented in to the xero linear lighting ?
In the first phase of implementing erp software, all the branches order data was collected and inserted into the software in 2 months. There were financial reporting of data pertaining to the all branches was also included and bank facilities were also included into the software.
Results -
There were following results happened in xero linear lighting devices -
improvement in the order manufacturing process
real time available reports of financial and accounting data
solid platform for all the branches
complete training facilities for the employees
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